Case Study: Successful Mould Remediation in Terara, NSW

Incident Details

In response to a severe mould infestation and water damage incident at a residential property in Terara, NSW, DryTech Restoration Services was called into action on March 1, 2022 to perform mould cleaning and remediation. The root causes of the problem were identified as water ingress and high humidity, which had led to the widespread growth of black mould across all three levels of the house. While the extent of the damage suggested a long-standing issue, it had not been previously detected or addressed. The affected areas encompassed ceilings, walls, carpets, timber flooring in a chapel, a timber slab in an adjoining office, and the ground floor carpeting. The presence of black mould was evident throughout the entire property.

Remediation Works Undertaken

To address the mould and water damage, a comprehensive plan of action was executed.

  1. Thorough Inspection: An extensive inspection was carried out to assess the full extent of the damage and pinpoint areas requiring remediation.
  2. Moisture Readings: Moisture readings were taken across various sections of the house to determine the moisture levels.
  3. Mould Remediation: Ceilings and walls identified as problematic during the inspection were subjected to thorough mould remediation. Specially formulated mould cleaning agents were applied to the affected areas. Additionally, blowers and dehumidifiers were strategically placed throughout the property to regulate humidity levels. These devices were left on-site for an extra three days to ensure optimal moisture control.
  4. Flooring Treatment: The office’s vinyl flooring was removed, and meticulous mould treatment was administered to both the timber floors and slabs.
  5. Carpet Cleaning: Every carpet on the property underwent a rigorous steam cleaning process, with an emphasis on mould remediation.
  6. Upholstered Furniture: All upholstered furniture, including couches, was meticulously cleaned and treated for mould remediation.
  7. Leather Couches: Leather couches received mould remediation treatments as needed.
  8. Structural Restoration: Areas throughout the house that had suffered water damage, including those in the chapel and office, underwent structural restoration procedures.

The Result

DryTech Restoration Services promptly and effectively addressed the mould infestation and water damage issues that plagued the residential property in Terara, NSW. Through a thorough inspection, moisture readings, and a comprehensive mould remediation and restoration process, the property was restored to a safe and habitable condition for the homeowner.

Temporary accommodation was thoughtfully arranged to ensure the safety and well-being of the occupants throughout the restoration process.