Water Damage Restoration Picton

Stress-free and urgent water damage restoration to help you get your life back to normal quickly .


Water damage is a serious concern in any home or office. Depending on the material, it can cause a variety of problems. Wood can warp, metal can rust and drywall can become mouldy.

Water damage can have both long-lasting and immediate effects. You may experience immediate damage to your furniture, clothing and electronics. You are also more likely to slip and fall. Mould growth, structural damage, and deterioration can all be long-term results of water damage.

Water damage can quickly cause serious and costly damage if not addressed.

Our Picton’s certified and skilled technicians are always available to provide quick, effective and painless water damage restoration. We know how stressful water damage can be and we want to make the process as stress-free and hassle-free for you as possible.

Emergency Water Damage Picton

Our first step is to evaluate the damage, and then identify the source. If the water is coming from a clean source, like a broken pipe.

Once we’ve identified the source, we’ll extract the stagnant moisture from your carpet using the advanced extraction method. We will then use moisture detection equipment to find any other moisture issues.

DryTech Restoration Services in Picton is your best option for emergency water damage restoration services.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and certified team can quickly and efficiently remove any risk of mould growth. This will ensure that your Picton property is restored to its original condition. You can also be confident that your property is in good hands as we are accredited by all major Australian insurance providers.


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If your home or business suffers from water damage, it’s important to act quickly to minimise the amount of damage and repair or restoration costs. That’s where DryTech comes in.

We are always available to provide prompt water damage restoration or repair services in Picton.

Our technicians are experts in assessing and repairing any job, no matter the size. So don’t hesitate to call us if you need help dealing with water damage.

We’ll be there to help you get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.



Our technicians will come to your property to inspect the damage. We provide a free, on-the-spot quote so you will know exactly how much you have to pay for our service.


We use a range of sophisticated machines to dry and clean your property including air movers and vacuums for quick drying of large surfaces, dehumidifiers to dry and remove moisture from the air, ozone machines to purify the air and to remove any lingering smell of smoke and ash, and thermo fogging machines to sterilise the affected areas.


Our supervisor will conduct a full inspection of the job before leaving. If for any reason you are unhappy with our service, we send our technicians back to your property at no cost to you.

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Flood damage can be extremely destructive to Picton homes and businesses. It’s vital to call experienced, trustworthy technicians to fix the problem correctly.

We are dedicated to provide satisfaction and offer reasonable rates for all our services in Picton.

DryTech provides comprehensive flood damage services. They are reliable and performed by certified technicians. We understand that this is a delicate project that requires professional expertise and high-quality equipment.
A free water damage assessment will be provided to help you assess the extent of the damage and determine the next steps. You can count on us to show up on time and get the job done quickly and efficiently in Picton.


Mould is a type of fungi that can grow on furniture, food, fabrics, carpets and walls. Mould growth occurs when moisture is present and there is little or no light.

Exposure to mould may increase the likelihood of an allergic reaction. This could cause increased health and respiratory issues as well as skin rashes. These symptoms could become more severe over time.

Drytech Restoration Services is certified by NSW government and approved by IICRC. We strive to provide the best services for mould removal in Picton. Our mould removal services offer unparalleled efficiency, speed, and affordability.

We offer fast and effective ceiling, bathroom, or wall mould removal for both commercial and residential properties. Our service is fast and efficient and our experts will provide you with the highest quality service.



We are open 24/7.


We come out immediately.


We take care of everything.


We are insurance-certified.


Devastating, stressful and overwhelming are just a few words to describe the effects of fire damage. It can consume everything you have and change your life as you know it. But there is still hope.

A fire damage restoration can be time-consuming and challenging, but with the help of experts, you can get your home and life back on track.

The right team of professionals can help remove smoke stains, odours, and chemical clean-ups from a fire extinguisher. With our help, you can get your home and life back on track.


Picton residents, you don’t need to worry about carpet spillages anymore- we can handle them! We can remove any tough stains, even food and drinks.

At DryTech, we prioritize your needs.

We have a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals who will restore the freshness and beauty of your carpets. Plus, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our services so you can be confident that you are making the right decision for your business or home.